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We have a newly designed clinic that focuses on being a welcoming area that is clean, safe and respectful.  Due to the COVID-19 concerns, best efforts are made to enhance social distancing, space appointment times and increase cleaning in order to minimize risks.  

Services We Offer:


  • Opioid Replacement therapy
  • Methadone

  • Suboxone

  • Sublocade injection

  • Rapid access, walk in welcome

  • Rapid assessment and increased dose

  • Support for all substance use disorders

  • Cocaine, amphetamines, benzodiazepine, alcohol

  • Day and Evening appointment

Useful Links:

  • Mental Health support

  • Counseling / Rehab referral

  • Hepatitis C screening and treatment

  • Family and partner support

  • Naloxone supply

  • CAS, Court, Probation, Case Worker support

  • ODSP applications

  • On site pharmacy for dosing

  • On site family physicians

  • On site walk-in

General Information

  • YRT bus stop #: 1740 / 4684

  • On site pharmacy  905-503-5100

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