Our Practice

Dr. Meunier has focused her practice on opioid replacement therapy for several years.  She understands the need for quick access and strives to offer same day assessment and treatment for both Methadone and Suboxone free of charge with a valid OHIP card.


Sublocade initiation, the newly available once a month injection, is also offered for qualifying patients.


Clinic times, days and evenings, are set-up in order to facilitate rapid re-assessments, dose increase and management of withdrawal symptoms.  Face to face, live appointments are scheduled for an improved client-physician rapport and delivery of care.


Support treatment is also offered for alcohol, cocaine, amphetamine and benzodiazepine substance abuse.


Dr. Meunier focuses on whole-person care and strives to help partners, family members, rehabilitation applications, ODSP, CAS, Court and Probation on-going communication.

No two patients are the same, no two treatments are identical.  You help decide what is in your best interest as we will work to help you recover your life and strive to live independently.


Hepatitis C screening and treatment is also done in partnership with local specialists. 

Catherine Meunier, MD
Dr. Meunier completed medical school at University of Montreal and trained in family medicine at McGill, in Montreal, Quebec. She also has a Master's degree in Experimental Medicine, Genetic counselling.  She has served the York Region population since 1999 in various capacities. She currently practices addiction medicine in Oshawa, Peterborough and Aurora.
Dr. Meunier strives to offer personalized and patient centred care in a welcoming clinic environment.
She is fluent and can offer services in English and French.
Latest Clinic News:



New guidelines to better address safety with increased carries and decreased clinic visits.




Dr. Meunier is certified for Sublocade injections. This newly approved Health Canada opioid replacement therapy medication is offered to qualified patients.  



Family Medicine physicians are available on site to provide comprehensive family medicine support for patients with substance use disorders. Furthermore, pharmacy and walk-in clinic are opened 7 days a week.


Dr Meunier has been invited to join the monthly Opioid Action Plan- Health Care Provider Group for York Region  beginning in 2020.  During the pandemic, Dr Meunier has supported the COVID isolation centers in the Region of York.

Hub for Addictions and Mental Health for York

Dr. Meunier is a consultant at the table to promote rapid access, assessment and treatment for patients dealing with substance use disorder. She is raising awareness for the need to also provide supportive family medicine and quick referral access to agencies within the community.


Dr. Meunier has been reaching out to various York and Durham Region shelters, Paramedic teams, Steps to Recovery, CMHA, John Howard's Society, Entite 4, York Services Support Network (YSSN), 360 Kids and York Region police to advocate for patients dealing with addictions.